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Where Do Bed Bugs Come From

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From : Bedbugs are in more communities inside of Ontario than ever before.

The total number of bedbug infestation reports has risen substantially during the past ten years.

Many people mistakenly believe bed bugs were definitely wiped out within the North American Continent, however, that isn't the truth at all.


Where Do Bed Bugs Come From : The Hassle With Infestations

Bed Bugs could in fact be brought into a home by means of the tiny pest simply holding onto the fabric material on furniture or clothing. They are also able to burrow into wood items such as furniture or hide in the bindings of books.


Why Now? Why Me?

Bans of various inorganic bug sprays, the ease of travel to different countries where bed bugs flourish and acquiring pre-owned garments and furniture have actually contributed to bringing these bugs back into home properties.


These Bugs Survive By Feeding On Your Blood

Immediately after they get inside a dwelling, these bugs make their houses within mattress seams, wooden furniture, base boards as well as fabrics. They feast at night, biting at humans to gain nourishment from their blood. Bed bugs can survive for nearly a year in between feedings, which is one of the main reasons why it is so hard to get rid of them.  

Bed bug bites could result in irritation, rashes and other complaints of the skin. Worry and stress are often common responses people have to finding that these bugs are active in your household.

Get back your personal comfort and get rid of those terrible bugs right now!


The Right Way To Defeat The Infestation

Get in touch with us promptly - we are your local bed bug extermination service provider. Our firm's qualified professionals are able to uncover the pests plus address them using the most appropriate pesticide or heat treatment methods.

We will also give you advice on the treatment of decor such as pillows plus shirts or dresses so that you can eradicate any individual left over bed bugs in your abode.



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