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Bedbugs are located in more towns and cities all across Ontario than ever. The number of bedbug troubles have increased enormously during the past few years. These bugs may be introduced into a residence merely by the act of attaching onto the fabric located on a piece of furniture, clothing or by hiding in the binding of a library book.


Once they get inside a home, bedbugs prepare their homes within mattresses, wood articles of furniture, and even behind baseboards along with textiles. These terrible insects feed during the night, biting on humans to feed on nourishment from blood. Bed Bugs can survive for several months in between feeding on your blood, and that is why it is actually hard to get free of the problem.

Bed Bug Treatment : The Issues With An Infestation

Restrictions regarding some pesticide sprays, the common occurrence of visiting various different countries where bed bugs flourish and acquiring second hand furniture and apparel have once again made bed bugs a common problem in Ontario.

Once in your home, it is very difficult to get the pests out. Self-made treatments commonly fail and moving house to escape bed bugs or throwing away expensive clothing and furniture is just not an option for the average person.

Extermination - The Best Way To Eradicate Bed Bugs

Our company's qualified professionals have learned to seek out the infestation plus apply the appropriate treatments with the best suited insecticides and/or high temperature applications which have proven extremely successful.

Our technicians will give you advice on the treatment of home furnishings like cushions and garments to successfully kill any individual left over bugs at your residence.

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