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Bed Bug Life Cycle: Know The Facts

Bed Bug Life Cycle : Bedbugs are seen in many more cities throughout Ontario than ever before. The number of bedbug infestations has gone up appreciably during the past 10 years.

The average bed bug lives for four to six months, though they have been documented living up to 12-18months.  Bed bugs typically have multiple cycles of laying eggs - laying from 5-25 eggs a week. The average female bed bug will lay between 200-500 eggs.


Bed Bug Life Cycle : Population Explosions

Combine that statistic with the fact that mature female and male bed bugs require feeding every two weeks to remain reproductively active - well, that explains how infestations can burst into your living space in a matter of days from the moment a pregnant bed bug is introduced into your home.


Bugs Survive On Your Blood

Bed bugs make their homes inside of bed mattresses, real wood pieces of furniture, baseboards, floorboards plus fabric covered furnishings like chairs and sofas. These bugs feed during hours of darkness, biting people to feed on their blood.

These bugs can exist for several months in between feedings, which is one of the reasons it certainly is difficult to get rid of them. Stress and panic are regularly reactions to feeling helpless about these particular intruders being in your personal property.


Extermination - The Obvious Way To Kill Bed Bugs

Our technicians do everything to make the process of treating your home easy and stress free. Let us take care of wiping out your unwanted bed bugs. We understand the worries of living with these bugs and then awakening to find itching bites and skin irritations because of being bitten during the night.

All of our exterminators are extensively qualified and accredited specialists who deliver the best solutions available.


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