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Bed Bug Facts: Know What You're Up Against

Bed Bugs are found in more locations all across Ontario than ever. The quantity of bedbug issues have gone up enormously during the past decade. Many people believe these bugs had been decimated throughout the modern world, unfortunately, that's not the case

Bed Bug Facts : The Difficulty With Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs multiply quickly and easily

  • Bed bugs may be introduced into a property or home just by hitching a ride on cloth fabrics

  • You can get bed bugs hitching a ride on you via sitting on the bus, streetcar or subway and / or bringing infested library books, second hand furniture or second hand clothing home

Bed Bug Survival Facts

  • Bed bugs live in the seams of bed mattresses, wooden household furniture, baseboards or textiles including clothing and bed linens or couches and chairs

  • Bed bugs feed at night, biting people to secure blood for their own nourishment

  • Bed bugs live for many months in between feedings, which is one reason why it's difficult to get rid of an infestation

Bed Bugs Affect Your Health

  • Bed bug bites might cause irritation, rashes and various other complaints on the skin

  • Panic and anxiety tend to be common emotional reactions to having an infestation

  • Bed bug excrement can contribute to a ‘musty’ smell in your home

Eradication - The Right Way To Control The Infestation

Pest control experts understand how to uncover these bugs along with treating spaces using the best bug killers or heating treatment methods

  • Bed Bug Exterminator Pros will counsel you on treatments for clothing and household items to eliminate any individual leftover bed bugs in your home


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