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Bed Bug Bites: What Are Those Itchy Red Marks?

Bed bugs are found in more areas all across Ontario than ever. The actual number of bedbug infestations have risen tremendously during the past 10 years.

Once they get on the inside of your home, bedbugs establish themselves all through mattresses, wooden furniture, baseboards plus anything fabric covered such as chairs, couches etc.



Bed Bug Bites : Bedbugs Bite You For Your Blood

The bloodthirsty insects feast at nighttime, biting humans to feed on their blood. These bugs can exist for months between biting you at night and feeding on your blood, which is why it really is difficult to get rid of an infestation.

Bed bug bites may result in itching, or even in rashes at the bite sites along with other discomforts of the skin especially if the skin becomes infected from scratching with dirty hands and fingernails.

Panic and anxiety can certainly be side effects to having these types of invaders inhabiting your household. Take back your serenity and call us to get free of all of the bed bugs straight away!


Extermination - The Right Way To Eliminate Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Exterminator Pros are able to discover your infestation and address hotspots while using effective pesticides or high temperature treatment methods.

Our technicians will give you advice on caring for home furnishings like cushions and clothes to help you get rid of all lingering pests in your residence.


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We know the tension of having these bugs and then waking up to come across scratchy bug bites or rashes caused by being bitten during the nighttime.

All our exterminators are extensively seasoned and licensed professionals who present you with the best service available.


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